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Adventures at Crazy Creek


How often are you on route, driving along a highway you’ve used hundreds of times and pass a sign for an upcoming attraction?  You think to yourself….’ya maybe next time we’ll stop…’?  How often do you actually return?  How often do you actually stop to take a look around?  If you’re anything like us, you’ve passed dozens of road-side attraction signs and thought they may look interesting but you’ve got somewhere else to be, you’re on a schedule.  Crazy Creek, just a blip on the map, is one of these very attractions.  And thanks to one cranky toddler, we actually stopped to check it out!

Our  Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend we decided to take a road trip to Revelstoke, BC.  We’ve been there plenty of times before and had no real plans beyond getting there and enjoying being in another city for a couple of hours.  The drive from Kelowna is an easy 2 1/2 hours, traveling along Hwy 97A and part of the Trans Canada Hwy (Hwy 1).  We had a late start leaving Kelowna, but we made good time along the roads and reached Revelstoke by lunch.

Having checked the weather forecast for Kelowna (sunny skies and a high of 15), we figured we were in for a beautiful day out on the road.  The one thing I didn’t check…which Henry was more than happy to point out as we arrived into Revelstoke…I never checked to see what their forecast was.  Low and behold, we had left those beautiful sunny skies behind us and ventured in to overcast and stormy clouds.  Go US!!!

We made the best of it though and walked around the town center, checking out a few shops before heading to find some lunch.  We discovered a cute pub with a roaring fire place and eclectic decor, which helped to lift our spirits a little.  After lunch, we drove towards the sky hill hoping to find some panoramic vistas to photograph.

No such luck!  The clouds were so thick and low, you could barely make out the mountain range across the river.  Feeling a little defeated, we hopped back in the car.  My thought had been if we traveled a little ways out of town perhaps the cloud cover would break up and we would be able to capture a few photographs.

View of Trans Canada Hwy from overpass

Ollie was not loving being back in the car.  Having slept 95% of the way to Revelstoke, he had only been up and moving for just over 2 hours and wasn’t ready to be locked in his car seat to venture back home.  Being a toddler (21 months to be exact)…he didn’t understand what I was saying to him about just driving for a little to get out from under the clouds.

And as you would expect….tantrum ensued!

But Crazy Creek to the rescue.

Just 20 minutes outside of Revelstoke we started seeing signs for Crazy Creek.  As I mentioned above, we’d passed those very signs a number of times and had thought it sounded like a cool place to check out, but never got around to stopping.  Ollie’s tantrum and need for more physical activity was just the reason we needed.

Depending which entrance you pull in to (north bound or south bound), will make the difference as to what side of the highway you’ll start your journey.  We went during off season, so the south bound entrance (on the side of the waterfalls) was closed.  We pulled in to the north bound entrance just a few hundred feet down the road, and parked by the visitors center.

Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge and Waterfalls

Once you purchase your tickets you can make your way across the pedestrian over-pass which spans the Trans-Canada Hwy.  The view is quiet pretty, with mountain peaks showing above the surrounding treeline.  The trail leading to the suspension bridge and waterfalls takes about 10 minutes to walk…or 15 if you have a toddler with you who is distracted easily.

The suspension bridge is 240ft long and is a single span bridge with an approximate sag of 9ft at mid-point.  There are several viewing points on either side of the bridge to take in the incredible waterfalls below.

Crazy Creek

The 240ft Suspension Bridge was constructed directly in front of the waterfalls in 2004. The boardwalks to the bridge also access public washrooms, courtyard with fountain, ice cream/snack shop, seating area, and additional boardwalks with viewing platforms. From the year-round Hot Pool area (or the highway) you can see Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge.

Entrance tickets may seem a little pricey (Adult entrance fee $9.50 + tax (17 & older), Children entrance fee $5.70 + tax (age 5 to 16), * Age 4 and under are free), but you can definitely spend a fair amount of time hiking in the area and enjoying the suspension bridge and falls.  During the summer, the snack/ice cream shop is open which would make for an even more enjoyable adventure.

Mummy and Ollie walking along the suspension bridge

We had such a great time exploring the suspension bridge and waterfalls.  Ollie realized that if he jumped while on the bridge, the whole thing moved…which then became a game for him.  Thanks to the serious over-cast skies and threat of an incoming storm, we had the entire bridge area to ourselves for over half an hour.  Considering Crazy Creek hadn’t been on our list of places to stop that day…we’re so glad we did.

It was such an incredible spot for building family memories…and thanks to Ollie and his need for more physical activity, we got to enjoy this beautiful place.  Perhaps we need to remember this lesson next time we’re on a road trip and pass a road-side attraction sign.

6 Reasons to Stop at Crazy Creek


Any parent can tell you, there are never enough hours in the day, or weeks in the month.  And life catches up on us so quickly.  We keep putting things off for a later date and destinations keep getting added to our ever growing bucket list.  But the truth of it is, there will never be enough time.  There will always be something else going on, something so much more important; a destination we have to reach.  The one thing we’ve learned over the past several years, if you don’t chisel out the time from your schedule to do it now, you may never get a chance to check it off your list.


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6 Reason to Stop at Crazy Creek
Adventures at Crazy Creek
Crazy Creek