First off let me introduce myself, I’m Joanne or more commonly known as ‘mama/mummy’ in my family.  I am a lover of travel, photography and adventure; falling well inside the category of weekend warrior.

My love of travel has grown over the years, from a small list of a few places to a massive bucket list with a serious case of wanderlust.  In the 10 years that Henry and I have been together I seem to have passed on a little of that wanderlust, as he willingly moved across the country without ever seeing our home before we arrived.

My love of photography began at a young age as my father was an avid hobbyist.  I loved photography as a child but didn’t really start to show much interest until I started working for Blacks Photography in my early twenties, which just happened to be where I met Henry.  We both moved from Blacks over to Henry’s Cameras a few years later and it’s all history from there.  We actually started our own photography company called Lostlake Studios in 2010.  What initially started out as Lost Lake Productions, a project that Henry was working on when he was in university, morphed into half a dozen things over the years.  Now we mostly focus on adventure, travel and a little lifestyle photography.

With the birth of our son, Ollie, in July of 2015, our travel focus became much more localized, leaning more towards epic family road trips than global travel.  The PNW has definitely captured my heart and I yearn to explore more of it.  I can’t wait to show Ollie the wonders of the world, creating a love of nature and travel within him.

This blog will be where we share with the world our love for mountains, adventures, travel and family.  I hope you enjoy following along!

My family