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What’s in our camera bag?

The age old question that every photographer gets asked – What’s in your camera bag?


Today we’re going to talk about the key items that we carry in our camera bag whenever we head out on the road.  As we’re now traveling with a toddler, there is limited space for our gear on adventures, so we’re constantly adjusting what we are going to need for each outing.

I’ll be honest and say we don’t carry anywhere near as much gear as we once did…nor do we carry everything that we would like too.  But these are the key pieces that make the trip 9 times out of 10.


Our Gear

Henry's D300s

Henry’s Camera Body – Henry’s work-horse is a Nikon D300s that we purchased almost eight years ago now.  This camera body has been so resilient.  In the years that Henry has been using this camera we have traveled across the country with it…gone camping…mountain trekking…sight-seeing and so much more.  Though at the time I’m sure we thought the price was a little steep…it has been well worth every penny that we paid for it.

Henry’s Lens – Henry is a fan of wide…as wide as he can get.  When we both worked for Henry’s Cameras in Ontario we had a wide array of lenses to play with, from ultra wide to fish eyes to telephotos.  He always went for the wide angle lenses, so it was no surprise when he ordered in this beautiful 11-16mm Tokina from Amazon last year.  Though we have other lenses in our collection…this is definitely the one that is on his camera the most.

Lexar Memory Cards

Memory Cards – Both of us shoot with cameras that require CF cards (compact flash) so we have a fair number of them in our camera bag at any given time.  We tend to favour Lexar typically, though we have a few from other brands as well.  The D300s was unique when it first came out, as it was one of the only cameras on the market that had duel cards slots…allowing you to shoot with a CF card and a SD card.  Now there are a number of cameras on the market that have duel slots…but for that reason we carry multiples of each card type.

Cable Release – Once upon a time, Henry was very interested in long exposures and Astrophotography.  Though we don’t spend nearly as much time out late at night anymore (thank you baby Ollie)…we still carry the cable release around with us; buried somewhere in the bottom of the bag along with our trusty multi-tool.

Our gear

Batteries – Thankfully, Henry and I are both using Nikon cameras that use the same battery, the EN-EL3e, so naturally we have 4 of them.  We try to ensure that we always have one fully-charged back up for each of us when we go out, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t always happen.  The good thing with 4 batteries is that at least one of them should have enough charge to take a few photos.

Cleaning Supplies – As we are always outdoors, the elements can cause our gear to get dirty rather quickly.  We carry a number of lens pens and cleaning clothes with us, as well as a blower bulb.  Though we try to ensure our gear is clean before we head out on our adventures, we try to be ready for whatever may come up while on location.

My Camera Body – I am currently shooting with a Nikon D700, newly acquired from our good friend Gerry Kingsley when he was updating some of his studio gear last year.  This beautiful camera was a serious upgrade from the D80 I had been shooting with for nine or so years.  I now understand the allure of full-frame.  And thanks to this camera, my photography as improved immensely, as it has forced me to truly understand my settings and pushed me to be more comfortable shooting in manual.

My Lenses – I tend to bounce between two lenses, my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 G and 24-120mm.  If I’m totally honest though, I typically don’t take the 50mm off my camera if I can get away with it.  I am a huge fan of prime lenses and just love the final images this combination produces.  I do, however, need the telephoto on some of our adventures…so we tend to carry it as a back-up.

National Geographic camera bag

Our Camera Bag – This was once my prized possession.  I purchased this bag when I was working at Henry’s Cameras in Sudbury, ON eight or nine years ago.  At the time I had little more than the D80 and a few cables to store in it, but I loved it so much that I carried it around everyday.  Now that we have a toddler with us, this bag isn’t really the most practical, but we have seen many adventures together, so I’m not ready to part with it just yet.


In a nut shell, this is our gear.  There are plenty of other items that we have in storage or stashed away in our bedroom closet, but they only come out when we specifically need them; like our tripods.

Adventures these days don’t revolve around what we want to bring with us, but what we need to bring.  Having a toddler along changes what items make the cut.  Though I wouldn’t change it for the world, it definitely requires more planning than it did before.


Have any additional questions about our gear?  Leave them in the comments below.

Also, keep an eye out for our follow up post detailing the items we bring along to cater for said toddler!


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What's in our Camera Bag?